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Pizza, Burgers, Kebabs are all about the best flavors ever coupled with the perfect assortment of ingredients in a combination with veggies and meat. At Aryan's Pizza House, we make the most irresistible dishes of these fast-foods to their respective flavors. To begin with, we have several Parmesans dishes like Kyiv Parmesan, BBQ Parmesan, etc. Our signature Pizzas dishes are truly our pride and we offer them in the forms of Aryan's Hot Pizza, Hot & Spicy Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, etc. You can get the absolute best flavor of Pizzas through our signature items. Kebabs are also an intrinsic part of our menu and we serve them in some of the best forms including Aryan's Special Kebab, Spicy Chicken Kebab, etc. You can couple them with Salads, Potato Dishes, or even Side Dishes. If you consider yourself a true fast-food, you should definitely try our dishes. To taste a whole host of foods, reach us now.

About Aryan's Pizza House

We believe that the biggest part of making a restaurant stand out should be consistency in quality. Here, we emphasize quality over anything else and the taste we put forward is really exceptional. To ease things up for you, we have launched delivery services as well. To order from us online, you just have to download our free app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Our menu full of Indian items would be at your disposal for the purpose of ordering. Choose whatever your soul craves and place your order. As soon as we receive your order, all of our best ideas would be invested in making your order delightful. Order now to experience the magic.

Restaurant location Aryan's Pizza House

The Thorndale, Thorndale Rd, Thorney Close, Sunderland SR3 4JR is the place at the heart of the city where we happen to exist in. This place has really set the standard high when it comes to a suitable location for any business. You can reach us virtually from any part of the city, thanks to the very leveled transport system and the hassle-free nature of the traffic. There are always many options in the conveyance to get to this place at all times. Our delivery services have also become very smooth owing to that very fact. Still, if you think that you cannot reach us by yourself, you can use our app for instant GPS based navigation. Else, our app is also there for the purpose of online ordering and delivery. Nothing can stop you from having a perfect food experience.